Getting StartedΒΆ

The following sections overview the main workflow of implementing indoor navigation from scratch using the Navigine Indoor Locations Services.


To get started with Navigine Indoor Location Services, you need to acquire infrastructure components first. The following table provides brief information about the components that you need to set up your location's infrastructure.



Navigine Account
Register a Navigine Account to get access to
Navigine Indoor Location Services.
Access to the Location
You will need physical access to the location once you are ready to
deploy the infrastructure components to their places.
Location's Dimensions
The building parameters are required at the stage of measuring
sub-locations. The more precise this data is, the better is
the navigation accuracy you get.
BLE Beacons
You need iBeacon-compatible BLE beacons to set up your target location's
infrastructure. 8-15 beacons should be enough for a location of
1000 square meters.
Wi-Fi Routers (optional)
As an alternative to using BLE beacons for indoor navigation, you can
use a set of Wi-Fi routers, which rather brings less accuracy and
supports Android devices only.
Android Device
Which might be an Android smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth 4.0. Make sure
that the device supports Bluetooth LE 4.0 and iBeacon protocol.
Linux/Windows Machine
You also need a Linux or Windows OS machine for integrating the
Navigine SDK into your navigations Application for Android devices.
To integrate the Navigine SDK into iOS apps, you definitely need
a Mac OS machine and the corresponding developer's account.