Adding Obstacles

The Navigine CMS provides two obstacle drawing tools, which are Barriers and Walls. You can activate the layer corresponding to the obstacles (walls and barriers) via the Layers drop down list.


Make sure to measure the sub-location, otherwise the tools for editing the sub-location will not be available.

Adding Barriers

Barriers are the zones where a person can't reach, for example: closed rooms, or areas outside the building. To add obstacles of such kind into your sub-location's map, do the following:

  1. In the sub-location editing window, activate the Barriers tool.


  2. Click the sub-location's map to add vertices that demarcate the barriers. Once you add the last barrier vertex, either double-click the map, or click the first vertex to add the barrier's closed contour to the map.


Once you are done adding the obstacles, go to Add Routes.