Adding Paths

Add paths to your sub-location's map. The Navigine SDK enables you to add paths from the current position to any reachable place in the map.

The Navigine CMS provides two path-finding tools: Draw Route and Add Elevation Point to Route. Activate (if not active) the Routes layer in the Layers menu.


Make sure to measure the sub-location, otherwise the tools for editing the sub-location will not be available.

Adding Routes

You can add routes according to the following guidelines:

  1. In the sub-location editing window, activate the Add Routes tool.


  2. Click the sub-location's map add vertices and demarcate the route. Once you add the last vertex, double-click the map to add the route to the map.


For complete guidelines on using the Add routes tool, refer to Draw Route.

Adding Elevations

To connect routes of different sub-locations, you need to add elevations. Consider the following guidelines:

  1. Release all tools to be able to add elevation points. To deactivate the active tool, click its button.


  2. Click the vertex that you want to make the elevation point, then enter its name in the popped-up dialog box, and click Save. Do it for at least two vertices on two separate sub-location maps.


  3. Once you finish setting elevation points, activate the Add Elevation tool.


  4. In the Elevation mode, click the elevation points of your choice to connect the routes they represent. To end drawing connections, double-click the last point.


At any moment you can edit routes via the editing functionality of the Navigine CMS.