Creating Sub-locationsΒΆ

Add sub-locations into the location(s) you have created earlier. Refer to Creating Sub-locations if you need to create more locations.

The following table provides steps for creating sub-locations using the Navigine Content Management System (CMS).

Make sure to measure the sub-location, otherwise the tools for editing the sub-location will not be available.

  1. In the Locations tab, click the location's name in the list of locations, then click Add Sub-locations.


  2. Once the ADD SUB-LOCATION dialog appears, specify:


  • Title - sub-location's name of your choice

  • Latitude and Longitude (optional) - GPS location parameters corresponding to bottom left corner of the picture you added, OR

  • if the latitude and longitude values are unknown, check the I don't know the latitude and longitude check box

    Specify this parameter ("entry point")in case you want to link the indoor navigation system with the outdoor andor other indoor locations. The device will use GPS until it reaches the "entry point" to the indoor location, then it starts using indoor navigation.

  • Azimuth angle - the angle between the North and the direction corresponding to the vertical axis of the picture you have attached. The angle is measured in degrees clockwise from the North direction. If the value is unknown, specify 0.

  • Add picture button - enables you to add the sub-location's image for further reference. Consider using the location's (building's) original blueprints to simplify the subsequent map creation process. Only PNG and SVG image formats are supported.

At any moment you can edit the sub-location parameters using the editing functionality of the Navigine CMS.