SDK Error CodesΒΆ

The following table contains information on the error codes that you might receive when working with the Navigine SDK.

Description Error code
Insufficient number of visible WiFI/Bluetooth access points 2
There is no visible WiFI/Bluetooth access points 3
There is no navigation solution 4
Incorrect file with settings 5, 8
Error in measure.xml file 9
Incorrect .BMP file 10
Cannot open .BMP file 11
Error opening measure.xml 13, 15
Incorrect coordinates of the reference points 14
Error in particle filter 17
The are no enough measurements in measure.xml 18
Error opening settings file. Bad path 19
Error opening GP settings file 20
The are no some parameters in .xml file 21
There is no navigational solution. Reinitialization 22
Bad .xml file with calibration coefficients 22
Bad input data at OLS method 23
Error opening .zip file with navigational properties 24