Analytics Tab

The Analytics tab of the Navigine CMS enables you to view the statistics. You can use this tab's functionality for the following services:

  • Navigine Tracking
  • Navigine Analytics

Statistics of Visits

You can view the statistics of visitors

  • Per day
  • Per hour
  • With specific type of devices

You can get all data in PDF format by clicking the Download PDF link next to a statistics table, or get all data in RAW format by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the Download button.

Heatmap Mode

In the Heatmap mode you can track visitors' movement in real-time (Navigine tracking) and see the heatmap of the visitors' movement during the specified time periods on the selected sub-location's map.


To view the data, click the Mode On button under the Heatmap Mode to switch to the heatmap mode. In the hitmap mode you can do the following:

  • Specify the date for which you want to view the heatmap.


  • And the time period inside the specified day.


  • Show active users and/or heatmap (concentration stops) with the Layers drop-down menu.


  • Select all active users or a specific one by clicking on Active users button (for Navigine Tracking).

  • If a user had the application switched on on his device for a while, and then stopped the app - all during the specified time duration - you will see his latest position in the heatmap. If the user's last known spot is not available in the map, try increasing the time period during which the user was supposed to be online (e.g. 00:00 is now, 02:00 is 2 hours ago). Use the time selector to the left from the Select button for this purpose.


  • Apply all selections to the heatmap via the Select button.


  • Clear the request parameters by clicking the X button.