Marketing Tab

The Marketing tab in the Navigine CMS enables you to add PUSH notifications that appear in the user's device screen upon approaching to a specific beacon. You can use this feature for showing ads and other marketing messages near specific stores.

Viewing PUSH

You can view the created PUSH notifications in the middle frame of the Marketing tab in a preview form. The preview consists of the PUSH title, description, status (active or not), broadcast interval, number of beacons "broadcasting" the push, and the "when" condition.


If the PUSH is active, the customer should see it in the screen of the target device in the following form


Configuring/Editing PUSH

To configure the PUSH notifications,

  1. Open the Marketing tab.

  2. Select the location and its sub-location.

  3. Click + Add PUSH button.


  4. In the BEACONS window click + Add beacon.

  5. Click the beacon name that appeared above to select a beacon from the list of available beacons.


    To add more beacons, click + Add beacon once again. The user will receive the PUSH upon approaching to any of the beacons you add here.

    To remove a beacon from the list, hit X button that appears upon hovering on the beacon name in the BEACONS list.

  6. In the PUSH PARAMETERS window configure the following


    • Title - PUSH notification's title

    • Description - details about the PUSH

    • Interval - value for the PUSH broadcast periodicity. If set to 1, you receive the PUSH notification every second.

    • Priority - PUSH hierarchy. The less the value is, the higher is the priority. If you have several PUSH messages assigned to the same beacon, PUSH notification with higher hierarchy position pops up first. The rest of the PUSH messages will appear one after another with 10-second delay.

    • When - select when the PUSH is invoked:

      • On stay - pops up if you stay in the beacon's coverage
      • On leave - pops up when you leave the coverage
      • On enter - pops up when you enter the coverage
    • Duration - specify the duration of the PUSH's being active

    • Proximity drop-down list - distance between the beacon and the device. According to this value, the PUSH will pop up if the distance between the beacon and the device is:

      • immidiate - ~0-1 meters
      • near - ~2-5 meters
      • far - ~more

    PUSH will not appear if, for example, the device is in about 1-2 meters from the beacon, and the *Proximity* value is set to *far*. So put set the *proximity* values wisely.

    • Active check box - check to enable the PUSH
    • Add picture button - to add the picture for the PUSH message

Day and Time - select the day and time interval for the PUSH to be active


Deactivating PUSH

You can deactivate PUSH notifications in the Marketing tab and/or edit so that the PUSH meets your needs.

To deactivate:

  1. Select the PUSH from the list in the middle of the Marketing tab.
  2. Uncheck the Active check box.