Versions TabΒΆ

The Versions tab of the Navigine CMS enables you to create, view, select, and remove versions of your locations. Use this tab to keep track of all changes you make to the location, sub-location, andor map. Keeping multiple versions of the location is similar to keeping your source code in a repository - you track all changes, so you can roll back if you brake something, or you can test different implementations of some functionality.

Select the location from the list of available locations in the left frame of the Versions tab.

The list of versions of the selected location provides the following information:

  • ID - unique number of the locations version. This ID is also displayed in our demo application for you to make sure that you are using the latest version of the map.

  • Version - sequence number of the location according to the development chronology

  • Created at - date, when the location was saved at the Locations tab

  • Comments - user-specified comments for the version

  • Actions - list of actions that you can perform on a specific version of the location

    • Download - download a specific version of the location as a ZIP archive to your local machine
    • Delete - remove the version from the repository
    • Use as last - set this version as the latest one which will be used for navigation
  • + Add version button - add a new version of the location into the repository. Using this function, you can upload the ZIP archive with the map from the local machine upon making some changes manually.