Using Navigine Application for iOS

Navigine demo application for iOS enables you to test indoor navigation that you set up using Navigine CMS.

You need the iBeacon infrastructure deployed at the target location to enable indoor navigation for iOS devices. Refer to Infrastructure Setup sections for details on infrastructure selection and implementation.

iOS Device Settings

You need the following settings configured on your iOS device to make sure the Navigine demo application works correctly:

  • You need internet connection on the target device to work with the application.

  • Make sure the iOS device's bluetooth receiver is switched on, otherwise navigation will be unavailable.

  • Turn on the Location Service for the Navigine application.


Before you begin

  1. Log into the Navigine CMS.

  2. Switch to the User Information tab using the button in the left-most part of the screen to find the user ID.


  3. Add Location as described here: Locations tab.

  4. Find the Navigine demo application for iOS in the Apple Store and install it.

Installing the Navigine Application for iOS

To install the Navigine application for iOS, please find Navigine at iTunes at your region.

You can also download source codes of the Demo application, where you can find examples on how to integrate Navigine SDK. They are available at GitHub.

Please note that you can find full documentation about integrating Navigine SDK here.

You need internet connection on the target device to work with the application.

Logging in the application

Enter the e-mail and password that you used in the CMS website.


Tap Use as public user to observe share functionality and open locations.

Using the Main Menu

To access the main menu of the Navigine demo application for iOS, either swipe left to right or tap the menu button at the top left part of the screen.


The main menu enables you to access the following modes:

  • Location management

  • Navigation mode

  • Settings


Location Management

Location management mode enables you to select and download sub-locations.

  1. To download a sub-location tap the cloud button with an arrow in it.


  2. Choose a location to work with and tap it to enable measurement and navigation for this location. The selected location is checked.

  3. Tap the Info button to review information about the location.



The settings mode includes three sub tabs with specific information:

  • Configuration Tab
  • Log Search Tab
  • Information Tab

Configuration Tab

This tab enables you to configure options for sending the log information to the server.

  • Connect to server Toggle - save the debug information log on the Navigine server
  • Server - specify the target server address
  • Frequency - specify the periodicity of the file uploads to the server
  • Record log file button - save log information to file
  • Delete previous log - delete the log file that was created during the previous session

Log Search Tab

This tab enables you to search for specific information in the log file.

  • View log messages box - find information in the log file according to key words that you specify.

Information Tab

You may configure the following options:

  • Bluetooth scan timeout, ms - specify the time in ms after which the bluetooth device stops searching for iBeacons
  • Navigation frequency, hz - specify the frequency in Hz, according to which the device selects iBeacons
  • Enable push notifications Toggle switch - enable/disable PUSH notifications
  • Displaying calibrate view Toggle switch - enable/disable calibrate view

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